Botanical Drug Delivery

Drug delivery systems are engineered technologies for the targeted delivery and/or controlled release of therapeutic agents.

Clean Green Biosystems has engineered a botanical based drug delivery system using herbal biopotentiators. The main advantage of this drug delivery system is that, it enhances the bioavailability of any active Pharma ingredient (whether synthetic or natural). This drug delivery compound (TriGet) can be used in oral (Solid oral and liquid oral) topical (creams, lotions) preparations.

Clean Green Biosystems, engineered the production system of Drug delivery system.
This production system is having 3 bioreactors, one set of low temperature distillation system and its allied equipments.
The bioreactors are made as per ASME standards.
The capacity of the system shall be 10 kgs of finished products from 2000 kgs/batch.
The system can be manual and fully automated.
The system can work on the specific PLC programs based on the formulation formula developed and validated by CGBS.
This is a closed loop system
The system is supplied as a skid mounted unit.
The interconnecting pipes, valves and fittings are as per pharma grade and FDA complaint raw materials.
The turnkey supply is always adhered to Design Qualification (DQ), Installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) of FDA norms of cGMP.
All electricals (cables, motors, switches, contactors etc) conform to international standards and its of FLP construction.

Clean Green Biosystems can offer the various formulae to produce oral and topical products.