Fruits And Vegetables Processing Plant

Fruit and vegetables are processed primarily because of their nutritional values.

Clean Green Biosystems offer turnkey supply of fruits and vegetable processing systems. The processing involves extraction (maceration. Squeezing or pressing), clarification, evaporation (concentration), clarification (ultra filtration).

Clean Green Biosystems offer the following types of fruits and vegetables processing systems.

Fruit products:

1. Frozen fruits
2. Fruit juices
3. Fruit juice powder

Vegetable products:

1. Frozen vegetables
2. Vegetable juices and concentrates
3. Vegetable purees
4. Vegetable sauces
5. Canned vegetables.

Fruit And Vegetable Reception

Clean Green Biosystemsoffers fruit and vegetables reception system which comprises of prewashing to pre grading, conveying system to storage bins. Clean Green Biosystemsrecommends that the damaged /rejected fruit and vegetables to be sent to the feed mills.


Extraction involves squeezing or reaming juice either from whole or halved fruits/vegetables by means of mechanical pressure. Clean Green Biosystemsoffers extractors of different capacity with varied pressure.


A suitable type mechanical sieving is used in separating the pulp and juice.
Juice is further clarified in a centrifuge.
A pulp recovery or pulp washing system forms a integral part of our systems.


Clean Green Biosystemsfruit/vegetable juice concentration system has a multiple effect evaporation system which is Low Temperature Short Contact distillation path. The concentration of the juices can be achieved as per the customer requirements.
Our systems are integrated with a flavor recovery system.

Non-Concentrated Juice Line

The clarified juice is pasturised and stored.

We offer
1. Pilot scale to commercial plants.
2. Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous plants.
3. Manual, semi automatic and fully automatic (PLC-SCADA and DCS) plants.