Herbal Extraction & Phytochemical Extraction

Clean Green Biosystems is engaged in the manufacturing of Herbal Extraction Plants, phytochemicals extraction plants, Solvent Extraction Plants, Oleoresin plants, Natural food colour extraction plants.

Clean Green Biosystems is having vast expertise in supplying turnkey herbal/phytochemicals extraction systems. We do detailed engineering design, (both process design and equipment/fabrication design), assembly, installation, erection and commissioning of Herbal/Phytochemical extraction systems. We have executed various extraction systems in India and abroad. We supply the turnkey projects to our clients based on their requirements. All our supply is customized to clients needs. Our scope supply of the herbal/phytochemicals extraction system is based on the following principles:

a) Solid-Liquid Extraction (SLE)

b) Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE)

c) Hydrodynamic system (Patented)

Our SLE, systems are capable of extracting phytochemicals from the leaf, steam, bark, seed, root and from the entire plant of more than 6000 herbs.

Our LLE system is capable of isolating the bio active principles from phyto emulsions, oils or herbal extracts from SLE.

Our both SLE and LLE systems can handle solvents and solvent systems such as water (aqueous extraction), methanol, ethanol, acetone, hexane, ethyl acetate, petroleum ether, di ethyl ether etc (Solvent extraction).

The extraction plant designed and supplied by Clean Green Biosystems will have the following sections:

Sections Types
Extraction section Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous.
Manual, semi automatic, fully automatic
Filtration section Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous.
Manual, semi automatic, fully automatic
Distillation and concentration section Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous.
Manual, semi automatic, fully automatic
Drying section Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous.
Manual, semi automatic, fully automatic
Downstream Processing section Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous.
Manual, semi automatic, fully automatic

Extraction System:

Our extractors are of different types., viz., agitated, recirculation, rotary. We select and recommend the extractors as per the process needs. Our extractors are suitable for both hot process (using steam) and cold process (using cryogenic medium). Our extractors are integrated with a unique desolventization system, which ensures the maximum recovery of solvents and safe disposal of spent materials. Our extractors are having bottom opening (both manual and automatic) for the discharge of spent materials.

Our extractors are designed and fabricated as per ASME standard codes. The electrical components in the extractors conform to all international standards. Country specific electrical components are integral part in the supply.

The extraction efficiency of our extractors is 98%.

Our extraction systems are designed in such a way that it gives a high recovery of phytocannabinoids extracts using optimum solvents levels, lesser extraction time and lesser solvent loss (maximum solvent recovery).

Hydrodynamic Extraction (Patented):

Clean Green Biosystems has developed a hydrodynamic extraction system with which fresh herbal materials can be processed to extract the phytochemicals. We have patented and commercialized the system for extracting Gallate catechins from fresh tea leaves, lycopene from fresh tomato and phytocannabinoids from cannabis/hemp.

Filtration System:

The filtration system is optional as we already have integrated filter in the extractor itself. We normally supply plate and frame filter press. The numbers of filter plates vary on the basis of the volume of miscella to be filtered. The filter plates can be PP or SS.

For small volume filtration, we supply zero hold up filter press.

Distillation And Concentration System:

We use multiple effect evaporative systems using a LOW TEMPERATURE SHORT CONTACT DISTILLATION PATH. Hence the extracts produced are of having intact phytocannabinoids with high concentrations of various CBD and THC fractions in the extracts. The thermal degradation is completely avoided.

Clean Green Biosystems offers the distillation and concentration system with a unique and proprietary integration of forced circulation evaporation and molecular distillation systems. The number of stages of forced circulation evaporation depend on the volume of miscella to be evaporated. Our LTSCDP is integrated with secondary condensers for maximum recovery of solvents. This is achieved by applying chilled water.

Drying System:

Clean Green Biosystems offer Vacuum tray driers, rotacone driers, ribbon driers of various capacities. We supply suitable vacuum systems for the driers.

Downstream Processing System:

Clean Green Biosystems offer downstream processing systems to produce various fractions of CBD. The down stream processing equipments like column chromatography, ANFD, crystallizer, fractionation columns, washing columns, separating columns, pulverizers, mixers, blenders and rotary evaporators.

Clean Green Biosystems also offer preparatory equipments such as pulverizer, pelletizer, etc.

Clean Green Biosystems also offer, material conveying systems for charging the dry cannabis/hemp material into the extractors (conveyer, load cells, rotary valve etc) and spent material conveying systems.

Our inhouse R&D department develops various extraction technologies and methods for producing highly bioavailable herbal extracts. Our R&D department supports the clients in the development of new process, existing process validation, pilot plant studies etc.

We support our clients with the operation manuals of the supplied plants, SOP’s and maintenance services. Also, we impart training of the technical staffs of our clients during and after the commissioning of the plants.