Pharmaceuticals & API Plants

The Active Pharma Ingredients (API) or bulk drugs are active chemicals used in the manufacturing / formulation of drugs for therapeutic purposes.

Clean Green Biosystems is offering turnkey supply of the API manufacturing plants based on the following technologies:

1) Chemical synthesis

2) Fermentation

3) isolation/recovery from natural sources

4) Any combination of these processes.

According to Clean Green Biosystems the process of producing any API involves reaction, separation (extraction, decanting, centrifugation, and filtration), crystallization, purification (recrystallization, centrifugation and filtration) and drying.

Clean Green Biosystems offers the following Pharmaceuticals formulations systems.

Tablet manufacturing systems:

1) Wet Powder Granulation and Formulation for tabletting.

2) Dry Powder Compaction Granulation and Formulation for tabletting.

3) Single process granulating.

4) Pellets and Granules Coating.

5) Tablet Compression

6) Tablet Coating – Film & Sugar.

Capsule manufacturing systems:

1) Dry Powder mixing, grading, blending for Capsule

2) Pellet making- Extruding and Spherodizing

3) Pellet Coating

4) Capsule filling and sealing

Oral syrup manufacturing systems:

1) Liquid Syrup manufacturing Plant

2) Liquid - Powder mixing

3) Liquid Syrup Homogenizing Mixing

4) Liquid Syrup Particle size reduction

5) Liquid Syrup Stirrer Mixing

6) Liquid Syrup Filtration

Ointment/cream manufacturing systems:

1) Ointment/ Cream Manufacturing Plant

2) Vacuum Mixer

3) Planetary mixing

4) Ointment/Cream Homogenizing Mixing

5) Ointment/ Cream Vacuumize mixing

6) Ointment/Cream Particle size reduction

We offer

1) Technology and projects to manufacture these API’s through
  a) fermentation technology,
  b) isolation/recovery from natural sources and
  c) combination of both.

2) Pilot scale to commercial plants.

3) Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous plants.

4) Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic (PLC-SCADA and DCS) plants.