About Founder - Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran    

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran, a Phytopharmaceuticals expert; Research Specialist in Phytopharmaceuticals Process, Drug Delivery system, Neutraceuticals and functional foods, Phytopharma drug discovery & Process development.

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran, completed Masters degree in Biology, Master of Philosophy in Toxicology and Doctor of Philosophy in Bio Chemistry and Doctor of Science in Phytochemistry.

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran, the Founder Director and CEO of Clean Green Biosystems, Clean Green Bio Research Foundation and CRS BioEngineering Pvt Ltd. He Co Founded a Canadian Company, G Bio Extractions Corp. He is the Technical Advisor of a USA company, IASO Corporation.

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran has around 21 years of expertise in the process design and process Engineering, process development, method development of herbal / phytochemicals / nutraceuticals / functional foods extraction system. He has developed novel methods of extracting bioactive principles from fresh herbs , fruits and vegetables.

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran authored more than 25 research publications in peer reviewed journals of national and International origins. He is associate editor of Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Journal Of Biotechnology. He is visiting faculty in few Indian universities and handling subjects on phytochemicals extraction to M.Tech and M.S courses. Doctoral committee member in a Indian University. Technical adviser in various herbal extraction companies and phytopharmaceuticals company in India and overseas.

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran has four patents (2 granted and 2 filed) of his credit.

He has authored a book entitled Extraction of Highly Bioavailable Catechins from Fresh tea leaves published by Scholars Press in Europe. This book is based on our work and patent .

Dr. S. Prem Mathi Maran is the recipient of various awards and the prestigious one is Sir JC Bose Memorial award for his outstanding contributions to Phytopharmaceuticals , herbal medicines and industrial food technology.